Thursday, April 28, 2011

A nice way to start the day..........

 The boys are counting down the last quarter of school, and when I go to wake them up in the morning I hear..." just 5 more minutes..." But when I told them I had some warm homemade Cinnamon Bread and Hot Cocoa waiting for them, well lets just say that encouraged them to get out of bed.

I am the Master Chef not the Master Baker in our household- that title belongs to David- so when I do create something that turns out wonderful I get pretty excited.
Instead of getting out the normal plastic dishes I got out the pretty ones and it did make a difference.

Come on admit it- you can almost smell the cinnamon and melted butter- you want to take a bite, and yes that really is whipped cream on the cocoa, with the juicy red strawberries it was a meal fit for a king!

 This is the book I got the recipe out of.   YUM YUM YUM!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poached bear.

     Today I was out Brook trout fishing and exploring when I saw several Bald Eagles and crows off the road a bit.  I went to check it out and to my surprise I found a bear or the remains of a bear.  It looked like a fresh kill, so I called the Game Warden.  He came up and checked over the area.  Whoever shot the animal must of been in a hurry because there was plenty of meat left and they didn't do a good job of skinning it.
     The Game Warden  wrote me a possession tag.  I cut off the head to get a European style mount done and took the front paws to show my boys.  It is very frustrating that someone would just shoot an animal and leave half of it.  There are a few other choice words I would Love to say but it's our family blog so I won't
     On a much cooler note I caught 2 Brook trout today and had a blast hiking around the creeks.
Dave S.