Thursday, April 28, 2011

A nice way to start the day..........

 The boys are counting down the last quarter of school, and when I go to wake them up in the morning I hear..." just 5 more minutes..." But when I told them I had some warm homemade Cinnamon Bread and Hot Cocoa waiting for them, well lets just say that encouraged them to get out of bed.

I am the Master Chef not the Master Baker in our household- that title belongs to David- so when I do create something that turns out wonderful I get pretty excited.
Instead of getting out the normal plastic dishes I got out the pretty ones and it did make a difference.

Come on admit it- you can almost smell the cinnamon and melted butter- you want to take a bite, and yes that really is whipped cream on the cocoa, with the juicy red strawberries it was a meal fit for a king!

 This is the book I got the recipe out of.   YUM YUM YUM!

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  1. Wow, pretty fancy for breakfast, I'll say... we are lucky to even get in a bowl of cereal around here!