Thursday, June 23, 2011

Redneck Rondevu

     Each year I plan a camping trip with "The Guys,"  it is always a blast and everyone has fun.  This years trip was a little different.  We went to the Superior National Forest with many comforts, we brought a camper, lawn chairs coolers, 2 large barrels of firewood, and.....most importantly several potato cannons.
     The canoeing was great, we paddled 8 miles, and portaged 1.5miles in a day.  Many fish were caught, some were eaten.  A few guys jumped in the lake, some of us laughed at them, others snored loud enough to scare the most burly bear away.  The Minnesota State bird was out in force,  the mosquito dope was more of a speed bump than a deterrent to them.  They bite one guys hand so much it swelled up to almost twice its normal size.  I got three bites in a row in my left arm pit.

     The trip had some rain, some sun, and lots of laughs, here is a few pics and a video, sorry no sound.

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  1. Dave:
    That looks awesome! I am sooooo jealous, I really wish I could have been there with you guys. I miss you and the other Dave (you know the liberal). I have very fond memories of time spent with guys and I really do hope to be able to do it again. Give me a few extra months planning next time so I can get off work and I would love to fly out and camp with you.